tomato pay is a simple, QR-code based payments and invoice app used by businesses and sole traders who want to receive payments in a fairer, cheaper and more ethical way.

Businesses and sole traders can benefit from a low-cost QR-code payments solution with no hidden fees, which saves them money compared to traditional payment systems, gives them instant access to their money as cash settlement happens almost immediately, and access to all of their bank accounts in one place.

Businesses and sole traders can benefit from the quick and easy invoice solution. Invoices can be created within the app, with the option to give discounts and late penalties (pre-built into the app using gamification and behavioural science) and send nudges to remind customers and clients to pay. Plus, as users connect their bank account, payments are embedded within the app – so no need to give their bank details, and receive money owed instantly into their account.

Everyone can support their local communities thrive by paying their neighbourhood businesses in a cashless, hassle-free way.

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    Fractal Labs Ltd
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    Third Party Provider

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